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Mortgages are a key area to the buy to let investment property portfolio. In this area it is important to seek reputable mortgage brokers and IFA's

Whether you decide to take an Interest only or repayment mortgage is down to you, but make sure you do your figure work correctly

Watch out for any upfront fees that are charged for and factor these into your calculations. An upfront fee on a fixed 2 year deal could easily equate to the same as an extra 0.75% on the mortgage rate. If you are taking out a discounted  mortgage for a number of months, make sure you know how the deal stacks up when the initial discount finishes.

Remember to make sure that the mortgage deal is right for you. If you are being told that you must use a certain mortgage broker always make sure there is a justified reason for the recommendation.

Please remember, giving false information on a mortgage application, for example false employment or income details is fraud. This can lead to a prison sentence if found guilty. Under no circumstances should you ever do this.
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