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Once you have purchased your property, you will probably need to speak to a letting agent. Letting agents will find suitable tenants to rent out your property. The majority of letting agents will offer at least 2 levels of service; Tenant finding service and Fully managed

The tenant finding service will normally include finding the tenant, arranging the paperwork, performing an inventory, then it is down to you to manage the property throughout the tenancy.

The fully managed service as well as the above will include, the agent being the first point of call in the event of a problem, will perform regular checks on the property, will be responsible for handling funds, will manage the process of the tenants moving in and vacating the property.

The latter service will obviously incur a higher charge.

Again in this area it is very much down to you to decide, what you want to do, a lot of people will avoid a fully managed service when buying a new property as they feel that it is unlikely for things to go wrong as everything is new. This can be the case, but this doesn't take into account problems with tenants. If you are nearby then it is easier for you to manage the property, but if you are a couple of hundred miles away it can start to be an expensive operation to "pop in". Remember to also factor your time into any calculations you make, when deciding which route to go
The Tenancy Deposit scheme is now obligatory in England and Wales -  All deposits must be entered with some form of scheme. Please email us if you wish to have further details regarding the schemes available
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