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Welcome to We are here to outine the basic principles of property clubs and buying a property via a property club.

We are here to make sure that property investors fully understand the buying process and then are able to determine for themselves whether the deal they are being offered is as good as they are being told.

Each page focuses on a different area of the property buying chain. We hope you find this site useful in your quest to build your property portfolio and remember if you do your homework then you should be on your way to a profitable portfolio.Good Luck.

Our Property Clubs Forum allow buyers to discuss their experiences with clubs, ask questions to other members and let each other know of good property deals. It is here that you can obtain useful information from others and learn from their good or bad experiences, after all,we have had our challenges when building our portfolios.

Please navigate this website by using the menu on the left.

Visit our new Property Clubs forum where members can discuss anything about property

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