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Furniture Packs
Once you have bought your property, then you have to decide whether you rent it out furnished or unfurnished. Furnished apartments will tend to rent out quicker, also you have created an image or style that most tenants will try and maintain. If a tenant goes into an apartment and it creates a lifestyle they want, then they are more likely to rent and look after that apartment.
If you go down the furnished route, then you need to decide whether you furnish it yourself or whether you get a furniture pack. Doing it yourself is great if you have time on your side, but for the majority of us who will also hold down full time jobs, this can be difficult. Companies providing furniture packs can be excellent as they will be able to do this for you. You can normally choose what they put into the furniture packs and they will do the rest. It is an easy way to get your flat furnished. As a suggestion i would always see the property once the pack is in , just to make sure that all items have been delivered, arranged and have not been damaged. If it was damaged prior to a tenant going in and you were not aware, you may think it was the tenant themselves and not the fact it was damged in the first place. Not an ideal situation to be in!
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